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Himalayan salt is a type of crystallized rock salt mined from Pakistan. It is otherwise known for as pink halite. The salt is usually pinkish because of its mineral impurities. It is used as a regular table salt to enhance the food flavor, but it can also be used as an ingredient to cook and present food, as a decorative lamp, and even as a treatment in salons and spas. The salt is available in the market that could have health benefits but still has no clinical evidence for such claims.


This salt is a product that is mineral that comes from the sea bed commonly used as a spice for foods. It is a naturally formed, very coarse-grained salt, and it contains mineral elements. The pink crystal salt ranges in color from white to color pink, then a darker red due to its high mineral and iron contents.


Brief History

Himalayan salt was formed over a million years ago during the Jurassic era. It is a natural mineral found within the Himalayan mountains, and it is the most valuable and essentially important spice for many centuries. Inside these mountains, the ancient sea beds mined to become salt once it covered by lava.


The lava acts as the natural barrier preventing toxins and pollutants from impurifying the salt. This naturally created protection made many people believe that Himalayan salt is the purest salt among all types of salt on earth.


The Himalayan people have been the first to use it as a food preservative. It became an essential ingredient to extend the fish and meat its shelf life, especially from spoiling. That is the reason why salt became more famous for trade in the valleys of Nepal.


The Himalayan people used yaks as the salt carrier during those times of long journey along cliffs, rocky paths, and mountains to trade this treasured product and maintain its quality. Around the 1200s, the salt gained first records of mining from the Janjua people. Himalayan salt I predominantly mined at the foothills of the salt range hill system in the Punjab, Pakistan, the Khwera, and extending all the way to the Indo-Gangetic Plains.


In modern times, Himalayan salt is mined in Pakistan. The salt is extracted by hand from the mines. In this area, mining is strictly regulated to preserve the purity of this product. The mines here are enormous and almost half a mile stretched in the mountains, comprised of several tunnels and levels.


The Himalayan salt is the most valuable “white gold” product in the Himalayas.

The Discovery of Himalayan Salt as a Super Ingredient

People living in the Himalayan region, this is not new for them how amazing this salt is. They commonly use it for food additive and preservation of foods like meat, fish, and the like from spoiling. Himalayan salt coined by them as white gold in which they consider it a blessing and gift from nature. This salt has been called the king of salt or salt of life. The salt mined by hand carefully and gently to retain the purity from the natural reserves salt mine in Khewra. It is free from additives or preservatives than that regular table salt.

Uses of Himalayan Salt

Want to know how Himalayan salt use? Himalayan salt is fantastic because of these benefits to our health as well as uses in our daily lives. This nature’s versatile gift and valuable product have been used for various uses in our day to day activity.


Salt is us as an ingredient for culinary and medicinal purposes during those ancient times. Himalayan pink salt claims for therapeutic properties that could have benefited our health. It became more and more popular each day because of its uses and health benefits. Below are the following uses and health benefits of this rock salt.

1. Culinary Uses

  • Generally, Himalayan salt is used in the same way as table salt in cooking and even in baking. However, it has higher mineral content than regular salt.
  • It is considered by many people to be their true gourmet; especially, it is top used by most well-known chefs around the world. The exciting and attractive pink color adds to its uniqueness and enhanced texture and flavor to foods.
  • It can also take your cuisine to the next level. The Himalayan salt is a beautiful and valuable ingredient use in roasting, cooking, grilling, and seasoning foods.

2. Medicinal Uses

  • Himalayan salt has therapeutic claims that could have health benefits for health conditions such as sinus conditions, cardiovascular, asthma, diabetes, and sleeps issues.
  • It is used as an ingredient for baths, breathing via inhalers or diffusers are recommended to attain these benefits. However, these benefits have a lack of research published.
  • It has a lower sodium content level as well as sodium content weight than the regular table salt.
  • It controls the water levels within the body.
  • It reduces cramps.
  • It increases libido.
  • It reduces sinus infection and sinus related problems.
  • It helps promote better and restful sleep.

Health Benefits Gained from Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan pink salt contains particular minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. They believed that this rock salt contains as many 84 trace minerals. This salt is much more superior to the regular table salt.

Here are the following health benefits you can gain from this kind of salt:

1. Sole Water to Flush Out Toxins

  • The best way to flush out toxins in your body is by experiencing the Himalayan salt to make remaining water. It is water entirely soaked with natural mineral.
  • Drinking this concoction will help to balance the body’s pH levels and to help flush out toxins, to promote your energy, and keep your body fully hydrated all the time.
  • The pure salt has negative charge ions, and the trace minerals enter into the cells that help flesh out toxins from them.
  • For easy steps, the following can help you to make sole saltwater.
    1. Take a jug and fill ¼ of Himalayan salt.
    2. Add water to top it entirely and then seal with a lid. Leave it overnight.
    3. The salt dissolves in the water by morning. Should there be a trace of little salt at the bottom of the jar, it means the water has absorbed the salt entirely and is now fully saturated.

2. Proper Balance and Nutrition

  • Regular table salt contains chloride and sodium along with its artificial added iodine. It underwent refining and now a processed product.
  • In contrast, Himalayan salt is a naturally-formed mineral.
  • Among these elements, many trace elements and contents could have substantially helpful to your health.
  • Regulates blood sugar and hormonal balance.
  • Himalayan salt help promotes the proper fluid flow in your body.
  • The proper balance of hormones and minerals can help improve insulin sensitivity and control blood sugar spikes.

3. Alleviation of Respiratory Difficulties and Allergies

  • It is believed to be advantageous for disorders in breathing and respiration.
  • It may help in alleviating symptoms of asthma, allergic diseases, and eczema.

4. It Helps Improve digestion

  • Himalayan salt help activates salivary glands which release an enzyme for easy digestion.
  • After, the stomach stimulates hydrochloric acid and enzymes to digest protein and helps quickly in the breakdown of foods.

5. For Health, Energy and General Wellness

  • Himalayan salt may help to be regulatory and quite beneficial for electrolyte balance, control body water regulation as well as for other health aspects
  • Drinking only a small amount of single early morning can help improve to have a night of better sleep, mood, and increase energy levels all day.
  • It contains the potential energy coming from the sun and the earth, which has soaked up billions of years ago.


Spa setting with pink roses and aroma oil, vintage style

6. Therapy for Respiratory Problems

  • A process of a treatment for respiratory problems through the utilization of pure Himalayan salt.
  • Salt inhaler or diffuser is also used for another way of treatment while the person can sit only in a room full of salt-rich air.
  • When the person has already inhaled those salt-rich air, every particle travels through the respiratory system. It helps to clean your lungs from the causes of bacteria and microbial properties.
  • Salt therapy likewise helps in treating chest congestion and recurrent allergies.

7. Bath Soak

  • Himalayan salt can do wonders to rejuvenate your skin. The skin absorbs the minerals that provide diverse benefits in your skin through the dermal absorption process.
  • For example, chromium helps fight acne and pimples, zinc prevents you from scars scratching, and sulfur keeps your skin smooth and vibrant while the magnesium helps soothing cramped muscles and soft tissues.
  • It adds slightly warm to feel your skin energized and refreshed.

8. Purify your air through Himalayan salt lamps

  • Himalayan salt lamps add beauty in your skin and can also help purify the air inside your home.
  • These lamps act as magnets to the moisture in the air, and since its surface is warm, it can help for quicker water evaporation.
  • The process of evaporation helps create negative ions with dust, pollutants, dust, and allergens, which carriers of positive charge and make them neutralize.
  • It releases negative ions that create vitamins in the air, which is useful to your health. Furthermore, it is an excellent reliever of depression, insomnia, respiratory disorders, migraines, and even joint malfunction.
  • It is well-known as one of the best natural healers. It is the best choice than regular table salts.

9. Himalayan Salt for Therapeutic Spa Experience

  • Himalayan salt is an emerging therapeutic spa experience in and out of your home.
  • The effect of this salt creates a cleansing experience that is said to be a great way to become stress-free, specifically from breathing problems and stressful environments.

10. Skincare Benefits

  • Aside from the regular use of the Himalayan salt like in cooking, baking, health problems, and other concerns. It can also help nourish your skin and feel the sound effect of this salt. Many of us want a good skin, but some of us suffer from skin problems. This valuable natural product can help you in many ways to have a good and vibrant skin.
  • It is a natural mineral that is proven to help skin problems. It became the latest trend in the skincare products industry because of its gift in fleshing out of toxins on our skin

Here are the following benefits of Himalayan salt in your skin.


Treats Body odor

Having a bad smell is unhygienic, and shows lack basic etiquette in you. It is more embarrassing if you have this kind of smell in public. So, why not try and treat yourself with this solution for having a bad odor, and this is risk-free, natural mined, and also help to protect your skin from bacterial properties. Himalayan salt deodorant can make at home that helps detoxifies and neutralizes your skin, and it also helps to be protected from germs, which is the root of having a bad body odor.


It prevents form oily skin

Himalayan salt fights sebum, which means that it could be an alternative solution for those who are struggling with greasy skin. Himalayan salt can use as a water brine as disinfecting and cleanse skin that prevents form oily skin. This rock salt helps reduce the oiliness and shine on your face, and eventually, you will attain the clear skin that you are dreaming of.


Uneven skin tone

Since it is a natural product extracted through hand to maintain its purity, this would balance your skin tone and give you smoother skin. If you use it regularly, Himalayan salt helps to rejuvenate your skin, and it lowers the adverse effect of tanning and helps remove dark spots on your skin.


Fine Wrinkles and lines

The effect of the Himalayan salt makes you look younger. It takes away the wrinkles and visible fine lines by applying this salt topically as a brine. It is recommended that using in the form of the brine of Himalayan salt remove of fine line and wrinkles ultimately. You will feel the effect of having a smoother skin that you are aiming off.


Wounds and Insect Bites

Himalayan salt can apply as a medicine over insect bites and wounds. It helps prevent getting more severe of the bites and injuries, and it ensures the process of healing power. Using this as a treatment for herpes and prevention of infection intensified its popularity all the more.



Acne is a skin problem of a person that causes an increase in the secretion of the sebum. The formation of blackheads, whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules that can lead to visible scars on your skin and your face. Several studies show that squeezing pimples is the leading cause of penetrating deep skin visible scars upon the healing process.

With Himalayan salt, essential oils and honey can help to see the magic of effects on your skin problem, especially in your acne. The detoxifying effects of this salt help remove greasy and dead skin; both are the reason for the development of acne.



It is also otherwise known as dermatitis, which is a skin problem or condition characterized by blisters and formation of inflammation on your skin that leads to itchiness. It can also help to ease symptoms of eczema by concocting a solution using distilled water and then applying it to the affected part of your skin, topically. This salt causes blisters to release the water and subsequently heal. It also helps to reduce from itchiness and neutralize it.

Himalayan pink salt is a type of natural mineral and gift given from nature to people. It has many benefits to our health, solution for skin problems, a useful ingredient in cooking baking, and even use for preserving foods to make its shelf life extends. This salt considered one of the most valuable products then and now because of its useful and sound effect to people, particularly in health issues. It is a blessing for many people because of its usefulness and exceptional contribution to their daily living up to this day.

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