If you have ever tasted black truffle salt, you know that they are something special indeed. Their distinctive flavor and fragrance bring the wonderful taste of Tuscany to every delicious bite of even the easiest of meals. Truffles are among the highest priced foods in the world, usually costing you at least $95 a pound for dark truffle salt and sometimes as much as $170 a pound for white truffle salt. That’s quite a price to be paying for the food, especially one as simple as a sprinkle on top of baked potatoes!

But don’t let the cost scare you away. These days, truffle salt isn’t just for salty crackers or popcorn. It can also be added to a number of different foods. Try using it to season your pasta, rice, vegetables, chicken dishes, soups and stews. It goes great on grilled or barbecued steak and helps to tenderize meats as well. You can make a great pizza crust too by adding a pinch of black truffle salt on the dough before the baking process.

Another great way to enjoy truffle salt is to use it as a flavoring for cocktails. Mix two teaspoons with a little water and shake until the mixture is a smooth consistency. Another great combination is to mix four drops of Rosemary essential oil with one tablespoon of black truffle salt and shake well. This is an excellent mixture for any cocktail because it adds a delightful hint of Rosemary, which goes well with many other drinks including lemonade.

Many other recipes are also improved by the addition of Italian black truffle salt. One of these is scones with cinnamon flavor, which goes well with sweet potatoes. You can also jazz up a savory omelet by mixing it with chopped peppercorns and saffron. Seasonal flavors come together very well in warm buttery casseroles, such as beef stew. You can also find Italian-flavored salts at marketplaces, so that you can enjoy flavors from all over the Mediterranean region.

Another Italian favorite that is enhanced by truffle is espresso. Use it as you do chocolate chips in hot beverages, such as lattes and cappuccini. You can also blend it with espresso, egg whites, milk and cream cheese in order to make almond cookies. In fact, there are a lot of desserts that can be enhanced by this versatile sea salt. Another great combination with truffle is to make chocolate bark truffle, a delectable bite that will have chocolate lovers running for their bowls.

Although it is not as salty as Italian sea salt, it has a significantly different flavor profile. Black truffle has a very slight hint of nuttiness in its flavor. This is different from sea salt, which tends to have a strong and earthy flavor. A good example of this finishing salt is rock salt, which you may have on hand in your kitchen. This salty accent adds a satisfying crunch to your baked goods, especially when combined with chocolate.

Traditionally, French truffle is salted, while Italian sea salt is considered un-salted. Both have their own distinctive characteristics, with the former being earthy and smoky while the latter is smooth and creamy. In terms of ratio, it is more suitable to mix equal amounts of the two. It can also be used to season baked products, such as cakes.

Another important aspect is to know which type of fungi the salt is made of. Most salts are made up of a combination of calcium and magnesium chloride, although the black truffle is the only one that includes yeast. For this reason, it is more appropriate to use it in cooking than the white variety. Another thing that makes it ideal for cooking is that it does not have an unpleasant odor and its flavor is quite pleasant. If you are looking for a salt that is great in taste but doesn’t have a strong odor, then you will find that it works perfectly.

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